"Be Like Tufflips"
Season 1, episode 6
Be Like Tufflips
Production code: SJC107b
Airdate: June 8, 2013
Director: Tom Yasumi
Written &
storyboarded by:
Abe Audish, Tom King, & Andreas Trolf
HE "It's Fine"
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"Be Like Tufflips" is the sixth episode in the first season of Sanjay and Craig. It is also the sixth episode overall.


Sanjay puts on a costume to resemble his favorite hero, and he then gets mistaken for him.


Sanjay and Craig get an offical Tufflips costume kit, and when Sanjay puts it on, they go to a store, where they spot Remington Tufflips and do everything he's doing, from drinking buttermilk to wearing his glasses. Then they go to Tufflips Acres, where Craig drinks hot sauce and Sanjay uses the fire coming from Craig's mouth to scare away werewolves and aliens.



  • In the original airing of this episode, the big burp at the end of the episode was cut out.


  • Tufflips bends over to tie his shoes, but he is mostly barefoot through most of the episode.


Be Like Tufflips2 Be Like Tufflips1 Be Like Tufflips3
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