Big G
Name Big G
Species Big Inflatable Gorilla
Introduced in The Giving G
Big G is a big inflatable gorilla founded in The Municipal Junk Yard by Sanjay and Craig in The Giving G


One day, at the Municipal Junk Yard, Sanjay and Craig have found a giant valve, Craig have blown in this valve. By, a giant inflatable gorilla (maybe an old mascot from Big G Tires). So, Sanjay, Craig and "Big G" have play togheter all the day.

The next day, The Dicksons have steal Big G. By, the four buddies (Sanjay, Craig, Hector and Megan) have a fight with the gang for Big G. Finally, Big G "died" ripped in two. So, The Dicksons and the four friends organize a funeral for him.

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