B.O. Zwang is a character of Sanjay and Craig that appears in The Frycade Game


Bo zwang

B.O.Zwang in "The Frycade"(videogame

He's the enemy of Remington Tufflips and he's a playable character of The Frycade Game of nickelodeon, like Rüde Wülf and Tufflips.

In Maximum Dennis(chapter)  or The Frycade game He uses a ray gun to attack Tufflips. When you beat him, it becomes a pile of bones that serve Tufflips sunlounger.


He appears in: -The Frycade Game

-Maximum Dennis

How to play (Frycade game)

[x] to kick

[z] to punch

[space] to use special attack , when the Thumbs-up bar is full. 

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