"Booyah for Bollywood"
Written By Aminder Dhaliwal
Jim Dirschberger
Josh Engel
Dodge Greenley
Jay Howell
Will McRobb
Sarah Oleksyk
Chris Viscardi
Storyboard Director Aminder Dhaliwal
Sarah Oleksyk
Supervising Directors Bryan Caselli
Storyboard Artists Ben Bury
Josh Engel
Dodge Greenley
Producer Lisa Thibault Woods
Co-Excutive Producers Jim Dirschberger
Jay Howell
Excutive Producers Will McRobb
Chris Viscardi
Creative Director Jay Howell
Design Supervisior David Chung
Color Supervisior Kim Knoll
Supervising Timing Director Lindsey Pollard
Retake Director Jim Dirschberger
Writers Adam Aseraf
Hunter Cope
Katie Crown
Byron Dockins
Derek Iversen
Production Manager Amanda McCann
Storyboard Revisionists Lisa Vandenburg
Rebbecca Schauer
Animatic Editors Bob Tomlin
Matthew Winslow
Cast of "Booyah for Bollywood"
Maulik Pancholy Sanjay
Chris Hardwick Craig
Linda Cardellini Megan
Tony Hale Noodman
Remington Tufflips as Himself Tufflips
Nolan North Ronnie/Chicken Chuck/Sarge/Narrator V.O.
Kunal Nayyer Vijay/Veejee
Grey Griffin Darlene/Auntie
Sunil Malholtra Barber/Tiger Trainer/Actors
Matt Jones Hector
Jim Dirschberger High Pitched Voice/Doorman/Boom Mic Guy
J.P. Karliak Additional Voices/Heavenly Voice
Voice Director Sam Reigel
Original Casting By Sarah Noonan. CSA
Gene Vassilaros, CSA
Casting Director Meredith Layne, CSA
Casting Coordinator Andrea Hennen
Director of Audio Production / Recording Engineer Justin Brinsfield
2ND Recording Engineer Matt Corey
Assistant Recording Engineer Manny Grijalva
Nutmeg Recording Engineer Frank Verderosa
Dialogue Editor John Deligiannis
Writing Coordinator Byron Dockins
Production Coordinators Paul Anderson
Dan Koskie
Sarah Kujubu
Production Assistant Chelsea Jauregui
Character Designers & Clean-Up Artists Ginny Hawes
Steven Russell Wells
Background Designers & Clean-Up Artists David Chung
Nhu Diep
Eric Haddad
Sarah Kujubu
Prop Designer & Clean-Up Artists Bruce H. Largent
Background Painters Eunsoo Jeong
Grace Young
Color Key Artist Jiny He
Sanjay & Craig Theme Song Lyrics By Jim Dirschberger
Jay Howell
Sean Szeles
Andreas Trolf
Composed By John Dwyer
Performed By Chris Hardwick
Maulik Pancholy
"Take It Sleazy" Lyrics By Nick Bachman
Bryan Caselli
Composed By Jonathan Hylander
Performed By Grey Griffin
Chris Hardwick
Phil Lamarr
John Dimaggio
Maulik Pancholy
Music Edited & Additional Music By Jonathan Hylander
Timing Director George Chialtas
Timers Ken Bruce
Brian Sheesley
Sheri Wheeler
Track Reading Paul Anderson
Slightly Off Track
Final Checker Kathy Gilmore
Supervising Picture Editor Christopher Hink
Assistant Picture Editor J.F. Kinyon
Post Production Supervisior Barbara Beck
Post Production Coordinator Dan Koskie
Digital Animation Supervisior Kenneth Janeski
CG Animation Directors Christian Evans
Pablo Smith
Digital Animators Christian Evans
Tyler Mele
Bekah Park
Pablo Smith
Andrea Yomtob
Production Manager for Nick Digital Jennifer Gay
Post Production Sound Services Atlan Oceanic Sound And Picture
Sound Services Supervisior Devon G. Bowman
Sound Designer Ian Nyeste
Poley Artist Vincent Guisetti
Poley Maker Aran Tanchum
Poley Entertinal Lawrence Reyes
Re-Recording Makers D.J. Lynch
Ian Nyeste
Post Production Telephone Services Level 3 Post
Telephone Colorist Randy Beveridge
Senior Director of Digital Operations Eric Swanborg
Manager Post Production Oliver Pearce
Digital Operations Kim Berly Madore
Karl Goldschmidt
Mardine J. Pouryousef
Chris Spears
Machine Rian Operations C.J. Kinyon
Gregory Mitchell
Archive And Resoitrce Library Kimberly K. Bowman
Ryan McFadden
Kevin Iwaki
President of Content Development & Production Russell Hacks
Senior Vice President of Animation & Games James Stephenson
Senior Vice President of Production David J. Steinberg
Current Series Coordinator Dale Malinowski
Vice President of Production Dina Buteyn
Executive in Charge for Nickelodeon Kelley Gardner
Claudia Spinelli
"Sanjay and Craig" and all related logos, titles and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.
© 2016 Viacom International Inc. All rights reserved.

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