"Butts Up"
Season 2, episode 8
Production code: SJC204b
Airdate: September 20, 2014
Written &
storyboarded by:
Derek Iversen, Blake Lemons & Bryan Mann
"Barfy's Babies"

Butts Up is a second season episode of Sanjay and Craig premiered on September 20, 2014.


What starts as Sanjay & Craig playing a schoolyard game turns into a mythic adventure involving a girl in trouble and a villain called the Butt Master.


The episode starts when Sanjay, Craig, Megan and Hector play a game called "Butts Up". While playing, Darlene comes out with laundry and gets hit by the ball and then joins the game, but a girl shows up and steals Sanjay's ball. Darlene warns Sanjay and Craig about the Butts Up Master. While chasing Sam, they follow her to a Butts Up club, figuring out she took the ball to get back in the club but the Butts Up Master disapproves of her request to which Sanjay says it's for everyone. Sanjay challenges a guy named Glen to a "Butts Up" match then wins but the Butts Up Master still disapproves of her request to join and reveals to be Mr. Noodman. Noodman challenges Sanjay to a competition, if Sanjay wins, Sam joins the club but if Noodman wins Sam stays out and keeps Craig. During the match Mr. Noodman runs to the garage and Sanjay does his signature move, The Patel Pistol, most likely getting the victory but while in normal motion, Mr. Noodman claims to catch the ball and then takes Craig and while taking the punishment for losing, Darlene then shows up and confronts Mr. Noodman. While confronting Mr. Noodman, a flashback was shown that Lady Butterscotch was hers and she lost her to Mr. Noodman while playing "Butts Up" when they were kids. Darlene then apologizes to Butterscotch for losing the game years ago, and she then grabs Sam's bird deflates the clubhouse then skydives off the deflating building.



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