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"D.I.N.K (episode)"
Season 2, episode 29
Production code: 218a
Airdate: April 26, 2015
Written &
storyboarded by:
Aminder Dhaliwal, Jim Dirschberger, Jay Howell, & Jonny Van Orman
"Dangerous Debbie"
"Romper Chomper"

"D.I.N.K" is a Season 2 episode of Sanjay and Craig premiered on April 26, 2015.


Sanjay and Craig are suspicious of Vijay's new high-tech car.


Sanjay and Craig return from somewhere in the Snot Rocket and as they make up a song, Vijay tells the duo that he is selling the car and exchange for a high-tech car to the Dicksons and as Vijay takes Sanjay and Craig away, they cry and whine that they don't want a new car. But after a few days, Vijay tells them to come outside to see the new car. Vijay introduces the duo and Darlene to the D.I.N.K. As Vijay dances, the door to the car opens and a voice tells them to come in and relax. Vijay is happy that there isn't a steering wheel, and then D.I.N.K says it's okay to get used to a self-driving car. As he appears as a hologram, Darlene is so surprised to see a hologram and touches him. As that happens, D.I.N.K says if they want to go out and introduce everybody. D.I.N.K introduces himself as the car is in operation and says everyone's name, but his pronunciation of Vijay's name is incorrect and the two argue over which is pronunciation is correct.

Sanjay is angry about the new car but then Craig says the new car should get a surprise by the Old Green Trumpet and includes a fart. Once Craig does it, a spray appears and cleans it. D.I.N.K says he can make that gas into nutritious cookies; Darlene loves it, and Sanjay and Craig groans in disgust. Back at the house, Sanjay and Craig say they should get the Snot Rocket back but the D.I.N.K is perfect, so they came up a plan to break the car by spilling milk, breaking the antenna and trashing the windows, but magically the car repairs itself. D.I.N.K appears saying "hello" to both and invites them to the car to chit chat. Sanjay and Craig reject but changes their mind after D.I.N.K creates a holographic Tufflips. Sanjay is curious how he can do that stuff and D.I.N.K shows him a USB drive.

Sanjay and Craig later made a plan to smash the drive. Craig wants to distract D.I.N.K by watching Mr. Noodman walking weirdly. Sanjay smashes the chip, which doesn't work, and that angers D.I.N.K. He traps Sanjay and Craig and then targeted to the Snot Rocket to be destroyed. Sanjay's parents are alerted and they stop D.I.N.K, but it blows up before it hits the Snot Rocket. The Patels then bought the car back from the Dicksons forcefully; the chip survived, and Sanjay tells Craig they can give D.I.N.K his old ride on the Internet.



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