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"Depants Tag"
Season 2, episode 25
Depants Tag
Production code: 213b
Airdate: April 12, 2015
Written &
storyboarded by:
Abe Audish, Lauren Palmigiano, & Jonny Van Orman
"Wild Buds"

"Depants Tag" is a Season 2 episode of Sanjay and Craig aired on April 12, 2015.[1]


A competitive game of de-pantsing sweeps the town.[2]


The episode opens on the town of Lundgren being deserted -- except for Sanjay and Craig, and Craig is dangled from the top of a building by Sanjay. We flash back earlier in the day at The Frycade's restroom stalls with Sanjay and Craig receiving black envelopes. All of the people in Lundrgen too receive the mysterious envelopes; the letters inside welcome each of them into a game, which instructs the person to pull down the pants of the intended target until the very last one stands alone for a grand prize. Sanjay pulls down Belle Pepper's pants and becomes embarrassed while staring at her exposed panties. Sanjay's mom also loses her pants revealing her large tighty whities Everyone including Sanjay and Craig starts to de-pant one another, while Vijay takes advantage of this by selling belts at his store.

Soon after, Craig gets "de-pantsed" and drops out of the game. Sanjay encourages him to form a team, and they successfully de-pant everyone else until they are the last two remaining. This turned out to be a trick by Craig, however, because he had lied to Sanjay and was wearing snake-patterned yoga pants. Sanjay gets angry and begins to dangle Craig at the top of a building. But they then made up -- and Craig manages to drop down Sanjay's shorts. The mysterious man who sent out the letters appears, who only to be revealed as Vijay -- he started the game so he can sell many belts because of an incorrect shipment, when he had actually wanted two TV sets. He then gives Craig the grand prize: a belt.






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