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"Family Re-Noodman"
Season 1, episode 20
Family Re-Noodman
Production code: SJC111a
Airdate: October 12, 2013
Director: Tom Yasumi
Written &
storyboarded by:
Greg Araya, Carl Faruolo, & Andreas Trolf
"Fart Baby"

Family Re-Noodman is an episode of Sanjay and Craig.


Sanjay and Craig are about to go in Frycade, but it's closed. They see Frycade's truck driving to their house, Belle suddenly exists the vehicle with bunch of Chicken Wings. Then her father comes out telling Sanjay an Craig that those wings aren't for them. They are for Mr. Noodman. Special think about those wings is that they have secret recipe that no one ever tried. Sanjay and Craig decide to disguise as Noodman's cousins. Their plan worked. They are at the house searching for chicken wings. Once they found it, they wanted to eat it, but Noodman says they can't because they are not allowed to. Noodman's games starts. At the end of the games Noodman and Craig were about to win, but Noodman's dad stops his with fake glass of Nuts. Of course they lost. Noodman tradition is if you lose, you have to dance the dance of shame. Noodman dance while other relatives are booing and throwing blueberries on him. Craig then cries realizing that Noodman has feelings. Sanjay then appears, realizes too. Noodman's father was about to eat chicken wings but Craig brought cat and Noodman's father got scared. Then we can see the whole future of Noodman's family. Noodman's father father being afraid of butterflies, then his father being afraid of hedgehog's.


Sanjay and Craig sneak into Noodman's house to try new Chicken Wings with secret recipe that no one ever tried.


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