"Flip Flopas"
Season 1, episode 31
Flip Flopas
Production code: SJC114b
Airdate: March 15, 2014
Director: Tom Yasumi
Written &
storyboarded by:
Neil Graf, Blake Lemons & Andreas Trolf
"Old Farts"
"Chill Bill"

Flip Flopas is a episode of Sanjay and Craig.


Hector finds candies that makes bad things taste good and good things taste bad.


The episode begins with Sanjay, Craig, and Megan playing "Spin the Bottle" with a chicken wing. Hector comes in with candy that does weird things to the gang. Craig gets rainbow skin and Megan gets a mustache. Sanjay eats a Flip Flopa and his mouth turns green. He thinks nothing happens until he eats Hector's belly button lint, which tastes good. The rest of the kids eat the candy and run around Lundgren eating garbage.

The gang then goes to the frycade and is served wings. Sanjay sniffs the wings and they smell bad. The others eat the wings, which taste bad. Megan figures out the Flip Flopas makes good things taste bad. They run to Hector's house, panicked and find Hector's Grandma making tamales. She finds out about the Flip Flopas and faints. She tells the gang to go find Munchie, a candy maker who has the antidote.

When the kids arrive at Munchie's candy store, he brings them to the sewers with crates filled with candy. He serves them lollipops and says he must eat them without barfing. Everyone but Hector barfs. Munchie only gives him one antidote. Hector demands more and Munchie makes him face another challenge. Hector must eat everything Munchie says. Then Hector's Grandma comes in and explains Munchie and her go way back. Munchie feeds Hector a tamale and he nearly barfs. Megan helps him keep the vomit in and gulps it down. Munchie gives the kids the antidote and Hector barfs on him. The kids eat them and Sanjay asks what to do next. Hector says to make a run for it. The episode ends with Hector's Grandma showing off her look and Munchie barfing on her.



  • This is the second appearance of Hector's Grandma, the first was "Unbarfable".

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