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"Fowl Work"
Season 2, episode 22
Fowl Work
Production code: 214b
Airdate: April 5,2015
Written &
storyboarded by:
Gina Gress, Derek Iversen, Matt Layzell, & Sarah Oleksyk
"Rash Thrash"

"Fowl Work" is a second season episode of Sanjay and Craig aired on April 5, 2015.[1]


Sanjay and Craig discover Belle's secret life when they get an opportunity to work at the Frycade.[2]


At The Frycade, Belle arrives to work late and appears to be sleepy. Her father Penny is upset, and Sanjay and Craig were given the opportunity to work at the wing place. After Belle wakes up, she saw that Sanjay and Craig had been helpng out with her chores. She thanks them and then lets them on a secret, that is to come back to The Frycade at midnight, way past Sanjay's bedtime.

Sanjay and Craig return to The Frycade by midnight, only to find out that Belle puts on secret parties there, which explains why she is tardy to work lately, and they all have a good time. Sanjay and Craig return to work during the day, and Penny suspects that one of the video arcades is damaged. Sanjay lies to him by telling him that he accidentally spilled mop water on the machine instead of the damage caused by the party (Belle had told Sanjay to make sure that her father won't found out about her parties), and Penny believes him.

However, it wasn't until the next party Penny ultimately finds out. Belle feels that while she's 16, her work at The Frycade gets in the way of her own life, and she wants time to unwind and have fun. She asks her father what he would do at 16 years old and Penny himself flashes back to her age. He then admits that he had pushed Belle too hard and allows her to continue the party while asking two of her guests to volunteer to clean up the place, though they doesn't seem to care.





  • One of video games in Frycade is a reference to Nickelodeon's "Doo-Wop-a-Saurus" ident.
    Old Nick's bumper reference in Sanjay and Craig



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