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"Hot Sauce Boss"
Season 2, episode 1
Hot Sauce Boss
Production code: SJC119b
Airdate: July 19, 2014
Director: Tom Parkinson
Written &
storyboarded by:
George Gendi, Will McRobb, Tom Parkinson, Chris Viscardi
"Pretty in Punk"
"Ghost Pool"

Hot Sauce Boss is the second season premiere of Sanjay and Craig. [1]


Chicken Chuck is revealed to put his own sauce in the Frycade's Chicken Wings, so he is kicked out but he starts a new wings restaurant.



  • This episode aired in Greece on June 8, 2014, before airing in the USA.
  • Despite being aired as a Season 2 episode, this episode is actually produced as a Season 1 episode, according to Jay Howell on Instagram. [2]
  • When Hector went to get the wings from the truck, There is a Metal Gear Solid Reference with the box in the game. Plus, Hector is dressed like Solid Snake


  • During the title card, Chicken Chuck's eyes are light gray instead of white.


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