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"Hot Sauce Boss"
Season 2, episode 1
Hot Sauce Boss
Production code: SJC119b
Airdate: July 19, 2014
Director: Tom Parkinson
Written &
storyboarded by:
George Gendi, Will McRobb, Tom Parkinson, Chris Viscardi
"Pretty in Punk"
"Ghost Pool"

Hot Sauce Boss is the second season premiere of Sanjay and Craig. [1]


Chicken Chuck is revealed to put his own sauce in the Frycade's Chicken Wings, so he is kicked out but he starts a new wings restaurant.


Chicken Chuck goes to the Frycade to eat some chicken wings, but he takes them into the bathroom to eat. He says this is so he can enjoy them twice, "Once on the way in, once on the way out!". In reality, he is scraping the Frycade sauce off the wings, and adding his own. When Penny finds out, he bans Chuck from the Frycade for life. When Sanjay and Craig try to defend Chuck, Penny bans both of them as well. Chuck buys a food truck, and the three of them go into business together, selling chicken wings with Chuck's special sauce on them. They get into a war with Penny, which culminates with the three of them sneaking into the Frycade to steal Penny's hot sauce recipe. This causes a brawl betwen Chuck and Penny, and in the end, there is an explosion from the kitchen that causes Penny's hot sauce to get mixed with Chuck's "tangy" sauce, and the two realize it's now a combination of what they both like the most: Spicy, AND tangy. Penny dubs the new concoction "Spangy Sauce", adds it to the Frycade's menu, and opens a new "toilet wing" in the restaurant's bathroom in Chuck's honor, putting an end to the ban, and restoring their friendship.


  • This episode aired in Greece on June 8, 2014, before airing in the USA.
  • Despite being aired as a Season 2 episode, this episode is actually produced as a Season 1 episode, according to Jay Howell on Instagram. [2]
  • When Hector went to get the wings from the truck, There is a Metal Gear Solid Reference with the box in the game. Plus, Hector is dressed like Solid Snake


  • During the title card, Chicken Chuck's eyes are light gray instead of white.


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