"I'm the Real Megan"
Name "I'm the Real Megan"

"I'm the Real Megan" is a song sung by Craig (who dresses and claimed to be Megan), Megan herself and Sanjay Patel. This song is from Season 1 Episode 6B, "Release the Craigan".


Craig: Ahem! Haaaaaaa-
Megan: Hey Lundgren!
I'm the real Megan!
This is just an imposter,
in my clothing!

Crowd: Why are there two Megans?

Gabby Gomertz: (spoken) Which of these ladies are the legends of the year?
Megan: I've won the pageants!
Well, most of the pageants...
But I've done the work,
And I've done the time,
This honor should be mine!

Craig: No it's mine!
I've done lots of things too!
Like, meh meh meh meh meh...|and bleh bleh bleh oh...
But I did eat fire!
I am no liar!
Megan: But I thought you were a friend.
Craig: Nope! I'm the real Megaaaan!

Sanjay: Aw! This isn't working,
I gotta get Craig to stop being Megan.
(spoken) But what can I do?
(gasps) That's it!
With the Frycade Volcano float,
I could shoot this wing down Craig's throat!
And then...

Megan: Hey Craig! I'm the real Megan!
And I'm good at fighting,
I got kicks like lightning!
Craig: Bring it, sista!
I ain't no mister!
The last one standing,
(whispered) Is the true Megan!

Sanjay: Oh, juicy wing,
you're not like the others.
You bathed in the delicious sauce of your brothers!
The time has come to do your succulent duty
and remind Craig he's not a thing of beauty! (Megan and Craig are shown fighting)
Sanjay: Steady...
(Craig strangles Megan, getting ready to bite her)
Sanjay: Steady...!
(Craig hisses at Megan)
Sanjay: FIYAH!!
(the wing lands in Craig's throat)
Craig: Juicy wing!
(Craig falls down)

Remington Tufflips: Owie, zowie, OWIE KAPOWIE!
Gabby Gomertz: (spoken) Do you think that hurt?
Remington Tufflips: I have no doubt-y!

Craig: Ugh, Sanjay? What happened?
Sanjay: Craig, you-you thought you were Megan,
Embrace yourself,
And release the Craigan!
I guess all I'm saying is...
I miss my friend!

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