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Mr. Flanagan
Name Mr. Flanagan
Gender Male
Gender Male
Age 38
Species Human
Relatives Hector Flanagan (son), Mrs. Flanagan (spouse)
Introduced in "Unbarfable"
Latest appearance "SongJay"
Voiced by Nolan North

Mr. Flanagan is the father of Hector and the husband of Mrs.Flanagan. He is shown to have a loving and forgetful personality.


Mr. Flanagan has white skin, and has a light brown toupee, along with thick eyebrows and a matching mustache. He also wears a turquoise jacket, with a white undershirt, and blue plants, and white shoes.


Mr. Flanagan is shown to be passionate and kind, as he noogied Hector since he missed him. He is also shown to be pretty forgetful as in "Halloweenies," when he planned to set a booby trap, so the kids wouldn't eat a lot of candy, instead of saving their kids.