Name Mrs.Flanagan
Gender Female
Gender Female
Age 36
Species human
Relatives Hector Flanagan (Son)

Mr. Flanagan (Husband) Hector's Grandmother (Mother)

Introduced in "Unbarfable"
Latest appearance "Prickerbeast"
Voiced by Linda Cardellini
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Mrs. Flanagan is Hector's mother. She loves Hector's pet dog, Sweet Cheeks.  She is described as "niiiccccee!" by Sanjay.


  • It's unknown if she's Hector's Grandmother's daughter, but if she is she would be fully or half Hispanic.
  • If she is fully or half Hispanic & her husband is American (one of them is American & the other, Hispanic), their son Hector would be ½ Hispanic & American or ¼ Hispanic & ¾ American.
  • At the way Sanjay described her, it's possible that he has a crush on her.