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Mr. Noodman, Sr.
Name Mr. Noodman, Sr.
Gender Male
Gender Male
Age 70
Species Human
Relatives Leslie Noodman (son)
Grandpa Noodman (father)
Thurop Noodman (brother)
Introduced in "Laugh Quake" (flashback)
Latest appearance "Kung-Fu Catapult"
Voiced by John DiMaggio

Mr. Noodman, Sr. is the seventy-year-old father of Leslie Noodman. Noodman implies that his father was abusive toward him, terrorizing him with snakes. He is very conceited, manipulative, and cruel. In the episode "Laugh Quake", he was seen in one of Noodman's flashbacks where he tries to get his son to use the potty like a big boy, and there was a snake there. In ""Family Re-Noodman", he was seen as the winner of every event in the "Blueberry Olympics" and he terrorized Leslie with snakes. In the episode "Kung-Fu Catapult", he was seen in a flashback asking his son to open a can of nuts, and there was a snake in the jar. In the background of this one, it is seen that it was Friday the 13th.


  • Mr. Noodman, Sr. might have been sighted in "Brett Venom MD" when he was a doctor.
  • He has a fear of cats as seen in "Family Re-Noodman".