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Be Like Tufflips11
"Old Farts"
Season 1, episode 32
Old Farts
Production code: SJC115a
Airdate: March 8, 2014
Director: Tom Yasumi
Written &
storyboarded by:
Toby Jones, Nick Bachman & Sasha Stroman
"Flip Flopas"

Old Farts is an episode of Sanjay and Craig.


Sanjay and Craig disguise themselves as old persons to get free wings.


After a failed attempt to get some free wings (they mistaken the special for Seniors for Senors) Craig and Sanjay came up with another plan -- to have their skins soak so much water that they look old. However, when Penny cancelled the special (mostly because the seniors are just eating wings and not playing the games) he turned the special to "Kids Eat Free". Sanjay tried to convince Belle that he and Craig look old to get free wings, but Belle didn't believe them. So Sanjay and Craig use clamps to pull their loose skins so they can look like themselves and get the free wings (with 3 other seniors doing the same thing). Unfortunately, as all of them tried to reach out to get their wings the clamps broke, causing a tsunami of winkled skin to floor the place.



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