Remington Tufflips
RemingtonTufflips zps96dee76a
Name Remington Tufflips
Gender Male
Gender Male
Age 50s
Species Human
Occupation Actor
Relatives Remington Tufflips' mother
Introduced in Laugh Quake
Latest appearance All Couped Up (cameo)
Voiced by Chris D'Elia (credited as Remington Tufflips)
HE "It's Fine"
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Remington Tufflips is a washed-up action movie star from the ‘80s, but to Sanjay and Craig, he’s the raddest guy who ever walked the planet. Despite his has-been status, Tufflips’ ego and arrogance have swelled over the years, along with his waistline. (Not that Sanjay and Craig notice.) To them, he’s still the king of cool, in their adoring eyes. Although he’s Sanjay and Craig’s ultimate hero, he never does remember their names.


Mr. Tufflips has a very comical last name, and you wonder why. The truth is his last name is reference to his action acting career he had back in the 80's. As you know every kid has to have a idol and for Sanjay and his best friend snake, that idol is Remington Tufflips. No one believes that Tufflips is washed up, especially Sanjay and Craig. They still think that he is the most spectacular guy ever.


Remington Tufflips may be a washed up action movie star from the '80s but he's the number one awesome-est guy EVER, according to Sanjay and Craig. Tufflips plays it cool all the time and is the ultimate inspiration for these two best friends, even if he can never remember their names.


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  • He is a washed up action movie star from the '80s
  • He is a big fan of buttermilk.
  • Tufflips' voice actor is of the same name.
  • He's the voice actor for Undercover Wolf in "Wolfie".
  • Despite his name, there is nothing wrong with his lips.
  • He lives in a trailer park.
  • He might be a parody of Elvis Presley (by his look).
  • Tufflips never wear his shoes but except in the episode "Laugh Quake" and "Game On" he does wear shoes.
  • Remington Tufflips was also a playbie character in Super Brawl 3.
  • LA actor Chris D'Elia voices Tufflips but is credited as Remington Tufflips.



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