Scabs Dickson
ScabsDicksonfromSanjayandCraig zpscbffc36d
Name Scabs Dickson
Gender Male
Gender Male
Age 17
Species Human
Relatives Mrs. Dickson (mother)
Sandy (sister)
Baby Richard (brother)
Introduced in "Laugh Quake"
Voiced by Grey DeLisle
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Scabs is a character from the show. He is the member of the group band Tuff Skulls. He made her first appearance in the episode "Laugh Quake". He has one brother named Richard and sister named Sandy and together they are "The Dicksons".


Scabs is a character from the show. He is a member of the group band Tuff Skulls. He made his first appearance in the episode "Laugh Quake". He has a younger brother named Baby Richard and a twin sister named Sandy and together they are The Dicksons.

Role in the series

He is a minor character and brother to Baby Richard and Sandy. Sanjay and Craig look up to them. In "Laugh Quake" he and the band Tuff Skulls performed the song "Tub Rat".


  • Scabs looks more like Dwayne from Home Movies.
    • Other than that, he is Sandy's twin.
  • His eyes are never shown in series.


Dicksons Sandy and Scabs SandyScabs
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