Season 1, episode 7
Production code: SJC101b
Airdate: June 22, 2013
Director: Aya Fukuda
Written &
storyboarded by:
Greg Araya, Carl Faruolo, & Andreas Trolf
"Be Like Tufflips"
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"Stinkboy" is the seventh episode in the first season of Sanjay and Craig. It is the seventh episode overall.


Sanjay falls into the Dicksons' pool and has a horrible stench. Since Craig cannot hold his stench, he lives in the sewer.


The episode begins with Sanjay having a dream about him tightrope walking on Craig. Then, when the dream ends, he and Craig decide to go to the Dicksons' pool to do it for real. Craig accidentally loses his grip on the other edge of the pool, causing Sanjay to fall straight into the pool. He is then sprayed with water by Vijay, and is forced to stay in the tent. Craig then leaves mysteriously. The next morning, believing that even his best friend couldn't love him for who he really was, he sends a note. Later, Craig, along with Megan and Hector, go to the sewer to find Sanjay. They find Sanjay (now called Stinkboy) in a room and Stinkboy tells them about his new home with all sewer-filled things. Then, Megan and Hector tell Stinkboy to come home but he refuses and starts to the turn a lever for the "Sewage In-Take". Before sewage came, Craig fell into Stinkboy's little home. Stinkboy, then, agreed on going back home. Then Craig, mistakenly, turned the in-take lever. After running, they come to a pit with a ladder. After Megan and Hector make it past, the ladder breaks and Sanjay and Craig have to their tightrope dream. They make it but the sewer tsunami attacks them. Finally, all four of them had to stay in the tent as "Poopoo Princesses".




  • This episode was supposed to air as the pilot.


Fish ;; Toilet
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