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"Street Dogg (episode)"
Season 2, episode 32-33
Street Dogg
Production code: SJC217
Airdate: May 17, 2015
Written &
storyboarded by:
Nick Bachman, Aminder Dhaliwal, Jim Dirschberger, Jay Howell, Neil Graf, Matt Layzell, Blake Lemons, Bryan Mann, Will McRobb & Chris Viscardi
"King of Kids"

"Street Dogg" is an half-hour episode for the second season of Sanjay and Craig premiered on May 17, 2015.[1]


Street Dogg, a “rap superstar” who moves in next door to Sanjay and Craig, “looking to escape the stress of celebrity life.” The duo later discover that Street Dogg was half of a successful rap duo with Remington Tufflips, but that the duo parted ways.[2]


Sanjay and Craig are outside their house rapping. Sanjay then notices a two-story purple house next to his and says he's never seen it before; Craig remarks that has always been there. Nevertheless, the two decide to check it out, and with the front door being unlocked, they enter and it turns out that the house is vacant. At one of the bathrooms, they hear footsteps and try to hide at various locations. Sanjay and Craig is found inside the toilet by man that turned out to be Street Dogg, the guys' all-time favorite rapper, who made the move to Lundgren. Later, Sanjay and Craig browse through Street Dogg's awarded record plaques and finds a picture of him with Remington Tufflips, and together they were a rap duo. Sanjay and Craig then hatch a plan to reunite the two after showing Street Dogg around town with Hector and Megan. However, after they arrive at Tufflips Acres, tensions flare between the two former friends and Street Dogg abruptly walks away.

A sad Tufflips tells the kids his story of how they were disbanded. After their final performance onstage at a concert, Tufflips wanted a high-five from Street Dogg, but Street Dogg held his hand low, which Tufflips interpreted it as an insult and their friendship ends. The kids want the two to be friends again, so they stage a gathering at Tufflips' mother's basement to witness a rap battle between Tufflips and Street Dogg. The two start to battle, but Sanjay, Craig, Megan and Hector interrupt it with a rap about friendship. After they finish (and backlash from the audience), Street Dogg and Tufflips finally patch things up. It turns out that Street Dogg did want to high five Tufflips at all -- he was waiting for him to do so. Then, they along with Sanjay led the crowd in a friendship nuzzle. As Street Dogg is about to leave, he says thanks and is then disintegrated -- he's actually an hologram.






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