"The Giving G"
Season 1, episode 11
Production code: SJC101a
Airdate: July 13, 2013
Director: Tom Yasumi
Written &
storyboarded by:
Will McRobb & Madeline Queripel
"Release the Craigan"
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HE "It's Fine"
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"The Giving G" is an episode of Sanjay and Craig.


A discovery at the junkyard causes trouble in the neighborhood.


Sanjay and Craig are playing at the junkyard and they find a giant inflatable gorilla wih a tire that says "Big G Tires" They bring it home and climb on it, eat ice cream with it, and when Sanjay spots Belle, they float Big G over to Belle. Belle then gave Sanjay a playful punch in the shoulder. They show Megan and Hector Big G, and they like Big G too because Megan can climb on him and he helped Hector open a jar a pickles by throwing up to Big G and has the jar smashed on the ground.  Sanjay and Craig then tie Big G to a rope in their backyard. The next morning they go to the backyard to find that Big G is gone. They find it in the Dicksons' backyard. When they ask for it back they say that they don't have it, but when Sanjay and Craig go to their backyard, they find them playing on Big G. The Dicksons and Sanjay, Craig, Megan and Hector all fight for Big G, but while they fighting for Big G, they rip a hole in him Big G bursts into the air and at the junkyard, they all have a funeral service for Big G. The Dicksons play a song and Sanjay gives a speech. The episode ends with them looking at the sky at a shooting star that vaguely has a similar appearance to Big G.



Giving2 Giving1 Giving3
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  • "The Giving G" is the first episode in the series, by production order, to be produced. However, Nickelodeon chose "Brett Venom MD", the third episode produced, as the series' debut.
  • The episode was set to air on November 3, 2012, alongside Stinkboy, as the series premiere, but got pulled, due to that the show's first season has yet to finish production by that time.
  • The episode's name might be based on a book called "The Giving Tree". 
  • It is likely that, as Big G was located in the dump, the Big G Tires company had been abandoned by it's owner, although it remains unknown as to the reason why. 
  • Motivo Di Giorgia by Gianfranco Plenizio was used in this episode.
  • Chris Hardwick (Craig) said that "Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey" was his improv line.

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