The Real Maximum Dennis
The Real Maximum Denis
Name The Real Maximum Dennis
Species Human
Introduced in Maximum Dennis
Voiced by Maximum Dennis
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The Real Maximum Dennis is a character that first appeared in the episode "Maximum Dennis".


Maximum Dennis was a famous strong man that Sanjay and Craig pretended to be in order to intimidate Tyson and also gain respect. However, Maxmimum Dennis showed after he heard about how Sanjay and Craig had pretended to be him. After Sanjay and Craig came clean, Dennis revealed that he is secretly just two short brothers with long limbs who combine to form a muscular man. Sanjay and Craig tried to befriend them only to find out that "Maximum Dennis" is still willing to keep up the charade and date Belle Pepper.

He made another appearance in "Depants Tag" as one of the targets of the game and ends up depantsed along with his little brother.

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