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"Wild Buds"
Season 2, episode 24
Wild Buds
Production code: 213a
Airdate: April 12,2015
Written &
storyboarded by:
Tom Parkinson, Grant Falardeau, Derek Iversen, & Josh Engel
"Rash Thrash"
"Depants Tag"

"Wild Buds" is a Season 2 episode of Sanjay and Craig that aired on April 12, 2015.[1]


Sanjay and Craig make a bet about who can survive in the wild longer.[2]


In the Lundgren forest, Sanjay and Craig thinks that neither of them could last in the wild. So they make a bet over who can stay there longer. While Sanjay has some trouble developing some survival skills, Craig has some success scaring away other animals possessing potential danger (and spewing out some venom in the process), attracting other snakes that accept him and takes him under their wing. Later, Tufflips is also in the forest and encounters Sanjay. He then teaches him many survival skills, and suddenly Sanjay goes under a transformation. Craig is brought over by the other snakes to a party and he too goes under a transformation to a wild snake who will eat Sanjay.

Tufflips is hungry, so he went with Sanjay to find food. Then, Sanjay and Craig spot each other and they attempt to kill each other until they hear a woman's voice. It's Darlene, who called them for dinner at their backyard. Sanjay and Craig suddenly snap back to normal. When Craig asks Sanjay who taught him how to survive, he says it was Tufflips and points to him, but he's not there. As they went inside, Tufflips floats in the air commending Sanjay for being an excellent "Survivorguy".






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